The Wreckoning

Mutinous murderers

We’ve all heard the pirate tales of old. How Black Beard terrorised the seven seas and how Long John Silver tricked and swindled poor sailors. The black spot, Davey Jones locker and walking the plank.

Forget the legends. Forget the frivolous folktales of brave buccaneers. These pirates are more than legend. These are the stranded souls who have sunk to the depths of despair and depravity. Shipwrecked and unscrupulous these pirates have created a new world on this island, and they intend to enforce their Pirate Law upon it. They bring violence, murder and disease. They bring The Wreckoning. Don’t ask them for ‘pieces of eight’ or to ‘shiver any timbers.’ These mutinous murderers won’t swash or buckle! Oh and don’t say ‘Arrr!’ to them. You might end up screaming, “AAARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!”