NEW for 2018

There's always something new or different at shocktober fest...

The Cellar - Extended for 2018

The Cellar has long been a place where things are kept and forgotten. Lost things in the darkness scavenging to survive. But those that dwell in the Cellar have not been forgotten, they have been purposefully locked in. Imprisoned. Incarcerated. An experiment. What once was human is now a feral and malnourished murder of scavengers. These ‘Creatures’ have ransacked their ‘comfortable’ surroundings and turned it into a deadly game of cat and mouse. So when their captor releases the ‘live food’ into The Cellar... they are the cat and YOU are the mouse.

Colony Extended

Survivors of the apocalypse are those who harbor the darkest hearts.  Those who can survive the end of the world are the end of humanity.  True humanity.  Kindness, compassion and charity are no longer. These are souls of violence, malevolence and war.  Survival of the fittest was never more apt but now a new threat has wracked The Colony.  As the world shook with debris and dark matter, the tectonic plates moved to create great gashes in the earth.  A toxic gas from deep in the earth’s core escaped into the atmosphere.  Now everyone’s days are numbered.  But what will get you first?  The poisonous air or the deadly inhabitants of The Colony?  “Fair is foul and foul is fair.  Fight through the fog and filthy air.”


Blending Horror and Burlesque with Bizarre and unbelievable acts from an almighty cast all performed to live rock music.

The world famous Dr Haze and his army of freaks have arrived at ShocktoberFest and will be taking you deep into  the heart of the Asylum where the most deadly dangerous & greatest Circus of Horrors performers from out inglorious past are detained inside the confines of the notorious Psycho Ward.

Check performance times on arrival at the park.

Entrance is included for Xscream, Fast Track & VIP pass holders.