The Village Coven of 13

Keep a close eye on your soul!

Alice Hemlock, Turners Hill

Was accused of causing ill.

A witch confirmed, tried and convicted,

Death upon her was afflicted.

Gather women, together strong

Vengeance for their cousin wronged.

But vengeance never stops at one

All to blame are cursed bar none.

And many others must bear guilt,

The bodies piled in mud and silt.

The women’s wrath is unconfined

The Coven feared and much maligned.

The purpose of the 13 strong

Is lost in who is right or wrong.

The thirst for blood and pain and death

Uttered in every cursing breath.

Turners Hill once rich and thriving

Now just 13 are left surviving.

Their souls are lost and black as pitch.

This village is held for the 13th witch.