Ticket Policy

COVID-19 Update 22nd July 2021 

We are reviewing the govenment guidance and will update our customers if we have to put any restrictions in place. 

Ticket Policy 

All persons entering the farm must hold a valid pass. The sale of passes by anyone other than Tulleys Entertainment Group is strictly prohibited.

All passes are non-transferable, not for resale and will become automatically void on any transfer for value. Passes will only be exchanged or refunded if Tulleys Entertainment Group, in its absolute discretion, chooses to do so. For the avoidance of any doubt, pre-booked tickets are non-refundable in the event that admission is refused or relinquished for any reason referred to in these Entry Conditions. Passes booked online will be delivered in accordance with our delivery procedure. If passes are bought on behalf of other guests, the buyer accepts these Entry Conditions on behalf of every guest and shall ensure that these Entry Conditions are complied with by each person in the group.

Passes must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by Tulleys Entertainment Group.  No child or children under the age of 16 will be admitted to the farm. 

We will endeavour to ensure that as many haunts and attractions as possible are available for use by our visitors.  However, we reserve the right, without prior notice, to close and change the programme of haunts and attractions and/or the haunts operating hours. Tulleys Entertainment Group in its absolute discretion reserves the right to close the whole or any part of the park at any time or to restrict the number of persons having access to the park.

The reason for any closure or restriction provided by this condition may include technical or operational reasons, capacity, inclement weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of visitors or if Tulleys Entertainment Group reasonably considers the circumstances so require. If the whole farm is closed for any of the reasons set out above, we reserve the right to offer substitute tickets for admission to the farm on an alternative date.


Tulleys Entertainment Group accepts no liability if an event has to be postponed for reasons beyond its reasonable control, this includes an act of God, change in governmental regulations, fire, war, terrorist activity or civil commotion.

If the event is postponed due to any of the above reasons, then Tulleys Entertainment Group will reschedule all tickets that have been purchased for the current year and make them valid for the following season, the ticket will include any new attractions planned for that season.

Unfortunately we cannot issue any refunds for cancellations.