About Us

Stuart Beare joined the family Pick Your Own business in 1991. He realised his passion for creating an experience could be used to develop the farm and was aware of the booming Halloween industry in America, as well as the potential to develop this market in the UK. Stuart's answer, in 1994, was to grow pumpkins; attempting to sell them in the Farm Shop...he sold four! In the following year the first Halloween event was held at Tulleys, the Pumpkin Festival. Customers carved their own pumpkins, placed tea lights inside and these were then unveiled by a 'lights out'. The pumpkin carving competition grew in popularity, with 400 visitors in the first year and most attending in Halloween fancy dress!

Tulleys Shocktober Fest

The event has attracted brilliant and creative people, who are considered the pioneers of the UK scare industry, creating an extraordinary team that continues to push the boundaries of Halloween entertainment.

So... with the visions of Stuart Beare and his family, Tulleys has grown from a successful Pick Your Own farm and well loved visitor attraction into the world famous Tulleys Halloween brand: If you can dream it...you can create it.

We have begun the journey to establish the Tulleys Halloween brand across the UK, and are very excited for the opening of 'The Howl' Scream Park at Mead Open Farm, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, in October 2015.

With exciting new attractions, concepts, ideas and an incredibly talented team... anything is possible. We look forward to welcoming you to a Tulleys Halloween Scream Park in the future...

The pumpkin carving competition and festival became a well-established attraction at Tulleys over the next two years, leading to the development of 'The Creepy Cottage' haunted house in 1997: our first 'spooky' attraction, which attracted 3500 visitors to the farm. The Spooky Wagon Ride, for children, opened in 2002, and the scarier Haunted Hayride, for older children and adults, along with the creation of the Spooktacular festival in 2003, this welcomed 15,000 visitors over the Halloween period. Between 2003 and 2009 new attractions were built, with strong influences from attractions in America and Canada. The infrastructure improved, allowing the Tulleys name to become truly synonymous with Halloween. By 2009 the festival had developed into the Shocktober Fest Scream Park, this increased the visitor numbers to 39,000. Hell-ements was added as a new attraction in 2011, along with the 'Twisted' maze and the Zombie World Record launch in 2012. By 2014, the Shocktober Fest scream park was now an established world class Halloween event that welcomed 60,000 visitors to be involved in the immersive scare experiences.

Tulleys Shocktober Fest