Haunted Hayride

Not for Scaredy cats

Trailer rolling, Action!

Explore the abandoned back lot......at the Horrorwood Film Studios Haunted Hayride! Back in the Golden Age of cinema, the Horrorwood film studios in their secret woodland location, were booming, full of glamour and intrigue and bursting with life. Now all old Horrorwood is bursting with is DEATH. After the terrible incident with the actor who played ‘The Woodsman’ the old studio was forced to close and all the movie sets and props remained abandoned in their woodland setting. Lots of actors lost their jobs, and were never on screen again, but worst of all, they lost their fame and celebrity. Some believe that the old actors from all of those years ago still act out the scenes of their glory days on the old set, unable to move on in this life, or the next. Lights, camera action!