Street Theatre

The streets of Shocktober Fest 2018, Are changing in ways that will haunt all your dreams.

Meet Madame Fortuna who’ll foretell your demise, Her crow will be fed as it plucks out your eyes.

Street Theatre

The apocalypse looms as our Kurb and Kontrol, Hunt to survive as they suck out your soul.

If glamour is what you are seeking tonight, Then Frankie and Mummy are stars shining bright.

Identical twins are a sight full of sweetness.. But don’t be fooled, they share the darkest of secrets.

The clowns may look bright but inside they are dark. The welcoming foe with dead eyes, like a shark

Fanny and Maud are two ladies with plague

Brian is a Zombie who’s ever so vague.

Street Theatre -  Tulleys Shoctober Fest

The nurses will make your poor heart skip a beat

And Death brings his own special doom to the street. There’s other surprises, some old and some new, Shocktober Fest Streets are not safe. WE DARE YOU