Street Theatre

Our award winning street theatre cast returns this October.

There’s lots surprises too, some old and some new, take a selfie with our roaming cast WE DARE YOU! 

Tango, WKD & Ribena

Tango, WKD & Ribena patrol the streets of Shocktober Fest.

Frankie and Mummy

If glamour is what you are seeking tonight, Then Frankie and Mummy are our resident Hollywood starlets.

Identical twins

The twins are a sight full of sweetness.. But don’t be fooled, they share the darkest of secrets.

The Clowns

Smasher, Poker & Grabber may look bright but inside they are dark. The welcoming foe with dead eyes, like a shark

Fanny and Maud

Meet our ladies Fanny & Maud our resident peasents. 


 Brian is a Zombie who’s ever so vague.

Street Theatre -  Tulleys Shoctober Fest

The Nurses

Our nurse will make your heart skip a beat! 


Image Coming soon!
Image Coming soon!

Wasteland Inmates